In Print

These published articles represent an historical overview of the various styles and evolution of Donna's work beginning in the mid seventies.

Women Working with Clay
"Ten Years of Telling the Story"
March 24-28, 2020 acrobat reader

List Gallery
"Embodied Forms"
February 27-April 8, 2018 acrobat reader

Ceramics Monthly
"Following a Thread" Matte Glazes at Mid Range
November 2015 acrobat reader

Studio Potter
"A Different Language”
Vol.41,No.1 - 2013 acrobat reader

Potter's Space and the Earthbound Goddess
The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum
May 2006 acrobat reader

Ceramics Monthly
"Pots with a View"
March 2005 acrobat reader

Art and Perception #37
”The Container as Metaphor-Figurative Work by Donna Polseno”
Fall 1999 acrobat reader

Ceramics Monthly
Cover Story-"Accepting Change”
March 1990 acrobat reader

The Robb Report
"Ceramic Art-It's on Fire"
March 1986 acrobat reader

Studio Potter
"Potters of the Blue Ridge"
Vol.13,No.2 - 1985 acrobat reader

Clay Revisions
1984 acrobat reader

Ceramics Monthly
1983 acrobat reader

Craft Horizons
1977 acrobat reader