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These published articles represent an historical overview of the various styles and evolution of Donna's work beginning in the mid seventies.

List Gallery
"Embodied Forms"
February 27-April 8, 2018 List Gallery

Ceramics Monthly
"Following a Thread" Matte Glazes at Mid Range
November 2015 Potter Space

Studio Potter
"A Different Language”
Vol.41,No.1 - 2013 Potter Space

Potter's Space and the Earthbound Goddess
The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum
May 2006 Potter Space

Ceramics Monthly
"Pots with a View"
March 2005 Pots with a View

Art and Perception #37
”The Container as Metaphor-Figurative Work by Donna Polseno”
Fall 1999 Arts and Perception

Ceramics Monthly
Cover Story-"Accepting Change”
March 1990 Accepting Change

The Robb Report
"Ceramic Art-It's on Fire"
March 1986 The Robb Report

Studio Potter
"Potters of the Blue Ridge"
Vol.13,No.2 - 1985 Potters of the Blue Ridge

Clay Revisions
1984 Plate Cup Vase

Ceramics Monthly
1983 Studio Raku

Craft Horizons
1977 Donna Polseno and Rick Hensley